Health and Wellbeing Support

  • A foreign student shall assume a responsibility for expenses related to private health insurance. However, the value of insurance coverage is on a voluntary basis and the private health insurance shall bear the coverage period or extension to cover a foreign student throughout the time of having the student status of Chiang Mai University

  • Prior to an admission to the university, all faculties/offices shall notify a foreign student attending for the study, exchange, collaborative research, or participation in any activities in all curriculums to have private health insurance arranged from his/her home countries before an arrival to Thailand. If a foreign student does not have private health insurance arranged prior to an arrival to Thailand, the faculties/officers shall notify a foreign student to have such private health insurance and gather the name lists for private health insurance prepared by the university, whereby a foreign student bears a responsibility for expenses to arrange such private health insurance

  • In the event that a foreign student receives a scholarship and private health insurance is already arranged by the funding sources, it shall be deemed as having private health insurance arranged under this notification. If the policy does not cover any medical care or other expenses, a foreign student shall be responsible for extra expenditures beyond the coverage policy.

  • The faculties/officers are required to have a foreign student arrange his/her private health insurance whereas the Student Development Division, Office of the University, is responsible for providing the information of appropriate insurance companies.

  • If a foreign student receives health services at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, he/she shall follow the notifications of Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital.

  • If a foreign student does not have a private Health insurance arranged under this notification, a foreign student shall be entirely responsible for medical expenses arising from illness, injuries or death from disease or accident and other expenses which affect health, life and property by oneself